Sunday, October 25, 2009

How to use Google Adsense channels

If you are Google Adsense publisher then you should know that Google Adsense has channels, which you can use for tracking your earnings from Google Adsense. You can create up to 200 adsense channels which are enough for about 40 separate websites or blogs. Why 40? Here is my answer why. When I create new website or blog I put five Google Adsense adds, three textual adds and two link adds. This is my standard and I am holding to it.
Adsense channels are good for tracking

I have three favorite formats of graphical/textual adds. On the right side of the blog I always use 160×600 formats. This add I always blend with the blog, background is same as background of the blog and link color is usually red or dark blue. Before I create this add I first create adsense channel for this add. First part of adsense channel name is short name of the blog where I will use this adsense add, and the second part of adsense channel name is format of the add. So, if my blog is about cars I would called this adsense channel something like “cars-160×600” and when I look in statistics page I will know what is CTR of this add and if something is wrong I will try to change it to make CTR of this add go higher. Two other formats of graphical/textual adds which I often use are 336×280 and 728×90. In header of the website/blog, if the design sllows this, I put this long 728×90 add, and I make it look blended with the design of the website/blog. On some websites I have made nice piece of adsense earnings.
The best format for Adsense adds

336×280 I always put somewhere in my posts, usually in first half of the post and with this add I experiment mostly. I am trying with blended and then I try with more agressive colors and I leave the one with better CTR. I have no rule about optimization of 336×280 adds, on some blogs it is better to use blended optimization but on some it is better when you do just opposite. So, Adsense channels for one blog would look something like this:


If you give the name to the add, you have the power to manipulate with your Google Adsene adds, and when you see that CTR of some add is very low you can change settings for that add. Sometimes, just a litle change in add settings can give you higher CTR, and earnings also. I hope that for someone this article will help to find out what is the purpose of Adsense channels. Adsense channels are very useful if you have more then one website/blog, and if you want to make some serious money with Google Adsense you should have more websites then just one.

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