Friday, November 6, 2009

Inside AdSense: A new AdSense interface: now in beta

Inside AdSense: A new AdSense interface: now in beta

Monday, October 26, 2009

Free call's with yahoo messenger and skype

"This is the cool trick by using it you can call all over the world without any cost!!! You got it right bro its free like nothing!!!!
So i think you would wish to make free calls to anyone around the world(it could be any special one your gf/bf)!!!!!!!!
So by now i think you would definately want to make free calls.!!!!!
Besides being free calls these calls cant be traced,so you can do some naughty acts, but do not misuse this trick!!!!!!!

This trick was known to me by one of my close friends residing at LAHORE(PAK.)!!!

So the trick goes like this=======>>>

* First you should be having yahoo messenger installed in your computer as most generally all have it but in case if you dont have so because i am a kind hearted by nature so i am providing you the link to download it!!!

* Sign in yahoo messenger

* There you will see a box right on the top of yahoo messenger containing some text just like below highlighted in red circle.
* There you will have to type a number which is of U.S.A which is free of cost.
The number goes like this.......... +18003733411

* When you will call this number after some time a operator will reply and will say "main menu" and then you will have to reply from your mic. "free call"..

* Then the operator will reply something and after sometime a beep would be heard and a dial pad will come up where you will have to dial your destination number and after some time your call will be connected!!!!

* This maximum call limit will be 5 min.
After this if you wish to call again you will have to continue the same procedure!!!!

* you can make unlimited calls from your P.C everyday anywhere around the globe....."
We have also found that it works using skype.
Just to let you know:
Dial the same number and ask for an international call. Make sure to post the country code (+xxx) before the number so it works.
If you don't put the code the call will fail (thank you Yazon for the info)
It works in all countries because the call pass in to the US territories not yours and you will be like calling from the USA. No more excuse why you it didn't work for you.
say thanks and make a comment

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Google Top 100 words

Highest Paying Google AdSense Keywords

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Make Easy Money With Google Review

I had seen Make Easy Money with Google (aff) being mentioned in quite a few spots and was pretty interested in reading it. Due a problem with something else I ordered I received a credit, so I applied it towards the purchase of this book.

Make Easy Money with Google is written by Eric Giguere who’s website can be found at He’s written a few other programming books, none of which I’ve read (not my subjects). The book has a companion website/blog

The book is written in conversational style, with the author talking and explaining things to three fictional characters. Each has different styles, goals, and approaches to building a website with Adsense. While you will probably identify with one character over the others, all of them are important to the story. This approach makes for a book that’s very easy read and understand (KUDOS Eric!), and at just over 250 pages you can probably get through it in few days or a long weekend. In the first part of the book the authors spends considerable time and effort explaining how to register a domain, get hosting , build a simple website and publish it. In the second part of the book he goes into explaining the basics of the adsense program, how to get different size ad units, choose colors. He very briefly goes into design, placement, and keyword theory.

The Good: This book is very easy to read and comprehend. If you’ve never published a website before and want to learn how to do it, and make some money using adsense, this is the perfect book for you.

The Bad: If you have built more than 6 websites in your life, or are already meeting adsense’s minimum monthly payment threshold, there’s probably not much in here for you.

When all is said and done this is a good book, and is best suited for new or inexperienced web publishers, or people with little or no experience with contextual advertising programs. If you read some of the reviews from amazon or other places you’ll see this book isn’t well received by the “techie” types who think it’s too basic, which is unfair, as I don’t think the book was intended for them. However the reviews clearly show there is “demand” for a book covering advanced contextual advertising concepts, implementation and theory, if someone is willing to go after it.

Managing URL’s and channels

Adsense channels is one area where it’s really easy to go overboard with stats. You can set up URL channels to compare how one website is doing to another. You can also set up sub channels for each URL. If you wanted to you do something channels like this:

  • – 728 banner
  • – 336 block
  • – text link
  • – 728 banner
  • – image banner
  • – 336 block
  • – 300 block

While this is great for testing and knowing who clicks where and why, it makes your reporting a little wonky. Your total number will always be correct but when you look at your reports with a channel break down things will get displayed multiple times and not add up to correct total. Makes things pretty confusing, so decide if you really need/want that level of reporting detail. TIP: At the very least you want to know what URL is generating the income so be sure to enter distinct URL channels.

New Sites, Files and Maintenance

When you’re building a new site don’t put adsense on it until it’s finished. In fact I’d go even farther and say don’t put adsense on it until you have built inbound links and started getting traffic. If you put up a website with “lorem ipsum” dummy or placeholder text, your adsense ads will almost certainly be off topic. This is often true for new files on existing websites, especially if the topic is new or different. It may take days or weeks for google’s media bot to come back to your page and get the ads properly targeted. TIP: If you start getting lots of traffic from a variety of IP’s you will speed this process up dramatically.

I like to build my sites using include files. I put the header, footer and navigation in common files. It makes it much easier to maintain and manage. I also like to put my adsense code in include files. If I want/need to change my adsense code, it’s only one file I have to work with. TIP: I also use programming to turn the adsense on or off. I can change one global variable to true or false and my adsense ads will appear or disappear.

General or Niche

You can build your website around general topics or niche ones. Generally speaking niche websites work better with adsense. First off the ad targeting is much better. Secondly as you have a narrow focus your writing naturally becomes more expert in nature. Hopefully this makes you more authority in your field.

If this is your first try at building an adsense website, make it about something you enjoy. It will make the process much easier and less painful to accomplish. You should however make sure that your topic has enough of an ad inventory and the payout is at a level you are comfortable with. You may love medieval folk dancing, but the pool of advertisers for that subject is very small (in fact it’s currently zero).

Once you’ve gotten the hang of how Adsense works on a website, you are going to want to dabble in some high paying keywords, you may even be tempted to buy a high paying keyword list. This does come with some dangers. First off the level of fraud is much higher on the big money terms. Secondly there is a distortion of the supply and demand relationship for these terms. Everyone wants ads on their website that make $35 or more a click, however the number of advertisers who are willing to pay that much is pretty limited. Additionally the competition for that traffic is going to be stiff. So, don’t try to run with the big dogs if you can’t keep up. If you have to ask if you’re a big dog, then chances are, you’re not. I have used a high dollar keywords report from and was pleased with my results (see cash keywords free offer recap).